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Nouakchott city is the national capital of Mauritania, located on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara desert. It is one of the largest cities in Sahara. The city also serves as the administrative and economic center of Mauritania. It was a small city till it was chosen as the capital in 1958 and provides multiple interesting sights for visitors.

This tour gives the best of the city in a way that allows you to explore how Mauritanians live and move around the capital. Furthermore, the client will get a chance to drink Mauritanian tea (sweet and minty green tea), see how the people dress, and learn what and how they eat. Finally, the client will also visit the city’s markets, the fishing port, mosques, and the national museum. In conclusion, this tour presents travelers with a great chance to learn more about this young capital city.

Welcome  in Mauritania and hope you a nice stay and fantastic experience of the country best sites; our guides are ready and waiting for you; do not hesitate and join many visitors who come every year to enjoy the beauty of our nice country

Nouakchott Tour Itinerary

The ideal schedule is the day time, and the client interests are priorities. We will visit the things following things:

  1. Fishing port
  2. Camel market
  3. The National Museum
  4. Saudi and Ibn Abbas Mosque
  5. Central Market
  6. Galerie Zeinart
  7. Craft workshops
  8. Zoo
  9. Beach of the Atlantic Ocean near Nouakchott
  10. Drinking local tea on the dunes near the city and enjoying the sun sat
  11. Saying Good bye to my dear customer

What is included:

  1. Guide who can drive
  2. Car with AC
  3. Fuel
  4. Tea

Meeting Location + Tour Duration

Meeting location: I will meet you at your hotel/apartment;  or wherever we agree as long as it is in Nouakchott.
AIRPORT: If you want to start or finish this tour at the Airport that will affect the price

End location : I will drop you off wherever you want: hotel, etc.
An option is the Downtown, where I will suggest some restaurants to you or some place to visit on your own.

Duration: 8 to 9 hours in 1 day

Price 100$ Per day/ Per person

For more details about the tour or if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us:

Enjoy the fishing port in Nouakchott Tour

Sun sat -Nouakchott

     Camel Market

8 thoughts on “Nouakchott Tour

  1. Awesome tour of Nouakchott. I only had a limited time in the city and a custom afternoon tour was made so I could still see everything I wanted. The guide was on time and spoke English, which helped me gain more knowledge of the city’s history and culture. Go some good souvenirs. Highlight of the tour was the fishing market and traditional tea in the desert. The guide also helped give advice and information on the other sites in Mauritania that I would be seeing. Highly recommend this tour.

  2. I had a few days in Nouakchott and was doing a search about how to get to and from certain places in the capital when I happened to see a note on tripadvisor from a guide who turned out to be Mohamed Lemine. It was late at night and I contacted him hoping he would see my message and in the morning he did. I am grateful for his quick response and he was able to quickly plan some sightseeing (for the afternoon and evening of that day) given the very short notice. I was pleased with his tour and guidance. He was very accommodating, understanding, offered good advice, reliable and knew alot. He even took me to some spots to get souvenirs I was looking for and advised whether prices were reasonable or not. I recommend him and his tours.

    As fate would have it, we happened to meet up again (not as a tour guide) a few days later in Chinguetti and even there he was willing to advise and offer assistance. And its because of him I managed to get one of my prized possessions/souvenirs from Mauritania in Chinguetti. Thanks!

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