Adrar Tour

On the “Adrar Tour”, clients will have the chance to visit two of Mauritania’s ancient cities in the region of the Adrar: Ouadane and Chinguetti. Both are known for their long history as nodes along the trans-Saharan caravan trades and as centers of Islamic learning. Here, a tour would include visits to palm date oases, neolithic cave art, historic mosques and neighborhoods, private libraries with their rare books and Arabic manuscripts, as well as a trip into the desert. This region, with its rocky plateaus, mountains, and endless dunes, is rugged and picturesque.

Adrar Tour Itinerary

Adrar Tour is set for enjoying and learning about the history of the country

  • * Day 1
  • First, Travelling to Atar from Nouakchott is about 5 h 29 min (438. 9 km)
  • Then, stop for tea in Akjoujt 3h 25 min (259. 7 km)
  • When we arrive to Atar we visit the city center and the main market
  • after , visit the main mosque in Atar
  • Later on, we visit  Azougi that was an essential stop on the trans-Saharan trade
  • Night in a hotel at Atar
  • * Day 2
  • Travelling to Ouadane about 3 h 7 min (180. 1 km)
  • Short stop at the rock paintings of Amogjar
  • In Ouadane we discover the Richat structure
  • Then, lunch in Ouadane
  • Old mosque and houses
  • night in Ouadane
  • * Day 3
  • Heading to Chingueti about 3 or 4 hours of desert driving
  • Lunch in the hotel in Chingueti
  • Discovering the beauty of the city by visiting the old mosque and libraries.
  • Enjoying the sun sat on the dunes near the city
  • 1 night in the hotel
  • * Day 4
  • Going back to Nouakchott
  • Stop in  Mherith oasis of palm trees
  • Having lunch in Terjit oasis
  • Finally we arrive to Nouakchott

What is included

  1. Guide
  2. 4×4 car with AC
  3. Driver
  4. Fuel
  5. Food
  6. Hotel

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