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Discover the vibrant and colorful city of Nouakchott, the national capital of Mauritania, on this exciting and immersive tour. As one of the largest cities in the Sahara, Nouakchott is a bustling hub of activity, culture, and history. And with our local guide, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on what makes this city so special.

During this full-day tour, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the most fascinating sights and sounds of Nouakchott, including the fish market, camel market, the National Museum, and the Saudi and Ibn Abbas Mosques. You’ll also have a chance to visit craft shops and the Galerie Zeinart, where you can browse unique local artwork and handicrafts. And of course, no visit to Nouakchott would be complete without a stop at the beach of the Atlantic Ocean near the fish market.

But this tour is about more than just sightseeing. We want to give you a true taste of Mauritanian culture and hospitality. That’s why we’ll take you to sample the famous sweet and minty green tea, a beloved national beverage. You’ll also get to observe how locals dress and eat, providing an immersive experience that allows you to see how Mauritanians live and move around the capital.

Our private local guide will pick you up at your hotel or apartment, or another agreed-upon location in Nouakchott. With a private car equipped with air conditioning and fuel, you’ll be able to comfortably and conveniently explore the city. The duration of the tour is 8 to 9 hours, with flexibility to adjust the itinerary to your interests and preferences.

Join the many visitors who come every year to enjoy the beauty of our country, and experience Nouakchott like a local. Book your tour today! For more details or custom requests, please contact us.

Price 140$ for 1 person

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Enjoy the fishing port in Nouakchott Tour

Sun sat -Nouakchott

     Camel Market

Nouakchot Fishing port
Nouakchott Port
Sand dunes
Tea on the desert

17 thoughts on “Nouakchott Tour

  1. Awesome tour of Nouakchott. I only had a limited time in the city and a custom afternoon tour was made so I could still see everything I wanted. The guide was on time and spoke English, which helped me gain more knowledge of the city’s history and culture. Go some good souvenirs. Highlight of the tour was the fishing market and traditional tea in the desert. The guide also helped give advice and information on the other sites in Mauritania that I would be seeing. Highly recommend this tour.

  2. I had a few days in Nouakchott and was doing a search about how to get to and from certain places in the capital when I happened to see a note on tripadvisor from a guide who turned out to be Mohamed Lemine. It was late at night and I contacted him hoping he would see my message and in the morning he did. I am grateful for his quick response and he was able to quickly plan some sightseeing (for the afternoon and evening of that day) given the very short notice. I was pleased with his tour and guidance. He was very accommodating, understanding, offered good advice, reliable and knew alot. He even took me to some spots to get souvenirs I was looking for and advised whether prices were reasonable or not. I recommend him and his tours.

    As fate would have it, we happened to meet up again (not as a tour guide) a few days later in Chinguetti and even there he was willing to advise and offer assistance. And its because of him I managed to get one of my prized possessions/souvenirs from Mauritania in Chinguetti. Thanks!

  3. My wife and I would like to comment on the fine tour Lemine provided of Nouakchott. At all times we felt safe and secure. He was a gracious host. Not only giving a fine narrative of the city, but also explaining the roles and habits of the inhabitants. He provided an interesting history of the city, spoke English fluently, and understands what a tourist wants to see. My wife and I recommend him most highly. He is the tour guide you should use when visiting Nouakchott.

  4. Booked this tour based on recommendations from some friends.
    We got quick answers to our questions and the guide were punctual when picking us up from our hotel. We were four adults and we had chosen the option to use only one car and even if it was a bit cramped it was ok as the stops were frequent.
    You might not have time for everything in Nouakchott in one day, but we managed to do the whole list apart from beach and that was mainly because of the weather. The guide was also helpful finding us postcards (hard to find in Nouakchott) and helping us buy stamps in Mauripost.
    We liked especially camel market, fish market and tea time! But also Zeinart in definitely worth visit. Marché Central we did on our on the next day and it might be best like that.

  5. Lemine was a great host and guide on my recent trip to Nouakchott. While I only had one day in town, we covered many major sights as well as having the ability to spontaneously change plans and adapt as the day went on. Very responsive over email in advance as well as WhatsApp to ensure that everything was in order and on time. Would certainly recommend.

  6. Good communication by e-mail and WhatsApp with Mohamed before I arrived. He did a great job of finding my apartment which has no exact address. Visited all of the sights listed in the tour. Mohamed helped me with changing money and arranging a driver for the next stage of my tour. He took me to his home to experience Mauritanian tea drinking. Would recommend. Good price.

  7. I traveled solo from the USA for tourism (January 2022). I booked this private tour of Nouakchott at the last minute (within one week of arrival) and was lucky that Mr. Hassen (who runs the tour) was available. He texted me a couple of days in advance of the tour and shared the specific itinerary with me. I was able to customize it very easily to my preferences of what I like to see and do. Not all guides are so thoughtful, but it takes a lot of pressure off of wondering what your day will be like. Mr. Hassen was both the guide and driver. Spoke excellent English. Was very friendly, culturally adept, and kind. My specific tour was all day (9:30am — 6:30pm) but he’s flexible and will customize it. There’s nothing that I felt was missing from Nouakchott to see, it was a comprehensive tour. I would 100% recommend this tour and Mr. Hassen to my friends and to anyone who finds themselves visiting Mauritania.

  8. We were 2 tourists from Finland, and we decided to book this Nouakchott tour beforehand. It was the best possible decision. Our tour guide Mohamed was amazingly friendly, and his knowledge of Mauritanian history and culture was wide. He made all our Nouakchott-related dreams come true. He took us to buy postcards and fridge magnets, and he even took us to see a camel milk bottle in the supermarket! Mohamed had a great sense of humour and we had lots of fun during the tour.
    Booking a tour of Nouakchott is an excellent idea because the city is large and the distances are long. There’s a lot to see, but it’s much easier to get a proper image of this capital city with a car than by foot.
    Some highlights of the tour were the beach (colourful boats!), the sand dunes, the museum and the camel market. We truly enjoyed each moment and would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to visit Mauritania!

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