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Experience the Beauty of Mauritania with MBT’s Local Guides!

Discover the wonders of Mauritania with the help of our licensed travel agency, Mauritanian Best Tours (MBT). Our professional and knowledgeable Mauritanian Local Guides are ready to make your trip comfortable and adventurous. With years of experience in tourism, they are experts in organizing tours in Mauritania, showcasing the beauty of the Sahara desert, oases, ancient cities, nomadic people, and shores on the Atlantic.

We offer a variety of tour options based on economic, geographic, and cultural configurations, including all-inclusive, incentive, budget, business, luxury, leisure, customized, family, group, online, guided, last-minute, and holiday tours. For adventure seekers, we offer desert, sea, and air adventures, as well as trekking, walking, hiking, camping, fishing, and sports/exercise activities. For those who prefer leisure, we offer off-road/4×4 driving, boating, and sun, resorts, and beaches. For culture enthusiasts, we offer archeology, history, arts, antiques, culture, heritage, lifestyles, traditions, amusement/theme parks, and castles/villas/mansions tours. We also offer nature tours, transportation options, and more.

To ensure a smooth stay in Mauritania, our Local Guides provide helpful advice, including ensuring your passport validity is more than 6 months, carrying 55€ or $60 for visa fees, booking your hotel in advance and having its information on a printed paper, going straight to the visa office upon arrival, avoiding bringing wine or pork meat, declaring any amount of cash over $500 at immigration, carrying cash as not all cities have ATMs, and most importantly, having a guide who can show you the best and save your time and money.

Choose MBT for an unforgettable experience in Mauritania. Contact us now to book your tour!

Adrar tour-(Chinguitti&Ouadane)

Nouakchott Tour

Iwik National Park Tour

TripAdvisor Guide

We can customise tours upon to our client’s request and the pricing will be according to the trip options and number of clients for more information please contact

Mauritanian Local Guides  thank you very much and hope to see you soon, good luck.

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  1. I was very pleased with the services provided by Mohamed. He is clearly very knowledgeable of Nouakchott and his country, and went the extra length to ensure that the trip ran as smoothly as possible. Made some great recomemndations for lunch, and was friendly and courteous throughout. I really appreciated him going out of his way to help locate my lost luggage, and it really shows that he is not only a great tour guide, but a wonderful human being as well. I have no hesitation to recommend him with the highest possible accolades and he will no doubt be a great addition to any prospective traveler’s visit to Mauritania.

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